Cowboy Rides Across America

20-year-old Tye Sturgeon is dedicating 2 ½ years of his life to a cross-country solo ride called the American Wish Ride. Tye and his 12-year-old horse Edward hope to minimally raise $30,000 through pledges made by supporters in order to benefit Western Wishes. Since 1994, Western Wishes makes dreams come true for kids faced with adversity and who love the western way of life. Tye embraces this “old country” way of life, when neighbors knew each other and helped one another. He believes we are all neighbors on this earth and looks forward to meeting a lot of fine people along his route. Edward, who Tye purchased for a whopping $20, is taking it slow and easy, but at a steady pace. He started his quest from his hometown of Batesville, Arkansas. We caught up with Tye and Edward as they were enjoying some hospitality from the town of Pontiac, Illinois along the famous Route 66. Tye and Edward count on the hospitality of others to help them on their journey. So next time you see a cowboy and his horse riding off into the sunset, say hello to a cowboy with a cause! Yee haw!

This HooplaHa Original was produced and edited by Welsey Nott and filmed by Ben Lemenager. For more HooplaHa Originals, check out their YouTube Channel!

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