Regional Representatives

Being a national program, regional and state branches create a sense of community and empower representatives and volunteers to be creative by implementing programs to impact more children, and help people realize the value of service to others.
Each branch organizes events, raises awareness and hosts wishes for individual kids, or groups of kids (as in the ranch and hospital programs). The main goal of these regional and state branches is to seek out inspiring kids, highlight their fighting spirits, and brighten their lives.

Current Western Wishes State and Regional Representatives

Branch Contact Email Phone

Arizona Western Wishes

Arizona & New Mexico

Australia Western Wishes


Lee Quintana-Leach
Lee Quintana-Leach

Colorado Western Wishes


Robyn Whaley (Interim) (712) 249-2811

MN Logo


Miranda Clemens (651) 746-9965

Nevada Western Wishes


Kimberly Shelton (702) 281-5915

Northwest Western Wishes


Stevie Verdino, Wish Host

Oklahoma Western Wishes


Kim Dorr (580) 276-6530

Texas Western Wishes

South Texas

John Harris

Utah Western Wishes


Rachel Bitton  (801) 791-1867

Wyoming Western Wishes


Leslie Bannen
Mary Glaser, Media/Sponsorships (801) 791-1867
(307) 889-6670
Jessica & George

Jessica & George Strait

We would also like to acknowledge one of our own wish recipients Jessica Schmidt, who lends her time as our Wish Family Liaison. She is courageously still battling her illness and is proud to help make other wishes come true!